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Steeped In The History Of The Authentic Old West


The Grizzly Ranch region's 200 years of history started in 1820 when Spanish explorer Louis Arguello saw a river flecked with what appeared to be bird feathers. He named it "Rio de las Plumas" or River of Feathers. It is known today as Plumas County's Feather River—a federally designated "Wild and Scenic River".

In 1850 gold miners came and a year later James Beckwourth found an easier wagon train pass through the Sierra. The remains of his trading post are a stone's throw from Grizzly Ranch.

The 1880s brought the railroads—spurred by the timber industry—linking the region with the rest of the West. Be sure to visit the Portola Railroad Museum and climb aboard its historic trains and pan for gold at Plumas Eureka State Park.

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